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New Year Resolutions 2019

New Year Resolutions 2019 : New Year’s Eve or the 1st of January is celebrated across the Globe with joy and happiness. No matter how your previous year was, everyone wants his/her life to be better than the previous year and that is where the new year resolutions comes into picture. Let us tell you what new year resolutions are.

New Year Resolutions Meaning [Definition]

A New Year’s resolution is actually a promise which a person makes to himself for the new year. No matter what resolution you are committed to, your goal is to make your life better in the coming year. On New Year’s Eve billions of people make New Year’s resolutions. The resolution may be to get out of debt, to spend quality time with their  loved ones, or to quit drinking, all of these new year resolutions have one thing in common: they are to make our lives better.

New Year Resolutions List

Let’s check out the new year resolutions quotes list from which you might want to implement some in the coming year. We have also listed new year resolutions for students, new year resolutions at workplace and new year resolutions for that are funny.

1) Quit Smoking

We all know how bad is smoking for lungs. Why not give up on this bad habit in the coming year and live a healthier life.

2) Lose Weight

Excess weight isn’t good for your health as well as physical appearance. Hence, it could be a great new year resolution to shred some weight next year.

3) Pick up a Hobby

You may have a lot of hobbies already or might be not. Why not take on a new hobby as one of the new year resolutions.

4) Spend more time in Nature

Who doesn’t like being close to nature. It’s no secret that after you spend time outdoors it makes you feel really good and fresh. Next year go ahead spend more time in nature.

5) Travel more

Travelling is what gives immense pleasure and change from a day to day routine. Prefer travelling more the next year.

6) Get fitter

No matter how fit you are, there is always a scope to get fitter for everyone.

7) Eat Healthy

If you have been eating a lot of junk food, do stop it or at least cut down on it. Eat fresh and green vegetables and stay healthy.

8) Fart lesser

A lot of people may agree that passing gas is quite a natural part of life, but there is a thing called excessive gas. If you notice that you are producing it more than normal, prefer changing your diet or try taking some supplements that helps prevent the gas from forming.

9) Get More Sleep

Getting proper sleep is a helps you give a healthy lifestyle, and various benefits including your heart, weight, mind, and more. Getting more sleep is quite an easy to follow new year resolution.

10) Get out of Debt

If you have a lot of debt on you, prefer clearing all of it the next year.

11) Adopt a Pet

If you have ever had a pet you would know that devotion, love and loyalty of a pet can never be matched. So, go ahead and Feel the bliss by giving a pet a home.

12) Become Stress Free

A little stress now and again won’t really kill us; in fact, a bit of stress gives us an energy boost. However, if stress is chronic, it may increase the risk of—or may worsen—insomnia, heart disease, depression, obesity, and more.

13) Stop Drinking Soda

If you have been drinking soda for a Long-term it can have a negative effect on your heart, brain function, thinking processes and even more.

14) Quit Alcohol

We all know that abuse affects your heart, liver, and brain. The sooner you quit the better it is.

15) Learn a Language

It’s always a good thing to know a new language. Do make a new year resolution to learn a new language next year.

16) Exercise

Go join a Gym or start doing exercises at home and stay fit.

17) Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube is free and open to everyone. If you are good at any one thing of which you can create videos and attract a good audience, a YouTube Channel is the best platform.

18) Give time to your Family

In our busy life we sometimes forget that our family also needs us. Sparing a few hours for your family on a daily basis can give them immense happiness.

19) Drink more Water

There are a lot of benefits of drinking water some of which are it Increases Energy & Relieves Fatigue, Promotes Weight Loss, Flushes Out Toxins, Improves Skin Complexion, Maintains Regularity, Boosts Immune System.

20) Go for a Second Honeymoon

If you are married from years, prefer going for a second honeymoon. It will definitely help you spend some good time with your partner.

21) Be kind to People

If you go ahead and make some efforts to do simple things, like smiling, holding doors open for people, or asking people how if they are doing fine, you’ll be surely be able to create an absolutely pleasant environment for your own self and people around you.

22) Be Positive

“Having a positive mental attitude is asking how something can be done rather than saying it can’t be done.” – Bo Bennett

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